How an accountant became Ghana’s finest Tech Blogger

Last weekend, I met Shepherd Yaw Morttey, founder of and a current entrepreneur in training at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in Accra. In just 4 months after launch, was on the lips of most Ghanaians, especially those who were not all so what you would call a “techie”.

What started as a question and answer WhatsApp platform soon grew to became Ghana’s biggest tech blog, bringing competition to a space that was otherwise very dormant.

I was much interested in how he was able to make it as a tech blogger, in a country where entertainment and gossip blogs seem to take control.

Shepherd attended the University of Cape Coast, studying Accounting and Finance from 2012 to 2016 according to his LinkedIn Profile. Apart from an internship with a microfinance company, his profile does not seem to point to him practising accounting anywhere else.

Rather, what you will find is a series of experiences mainly around online activities.

After speaking to him for some time, I realised one thing – he is passionate about the online world, and the way he expressed this was by putting information out. was founded early 2017 and quickly rose to the summit of tech blogs in Ghana. Shepherd attributes the success of the blog to “a lot of testing, understanding customer behaviour and building a strong community”.

A quick check on the blog on Similarweb shows it has over 80% of traffic from organic search and an astonishing bounce rate of less than 30%.

Asked him how he achieved these feats, he was quick to add that although he founded the blog, a lot of the people who came on later helped shape the blog and make it what it is now. According to him, having the right team is the first step towards long term success.

For someone who was skilled in Search Engine Optimisation and Content marketing, he continued to explain that to build a product that is both successful and growing, much time and dedication was needed, and that’s exactly what the team behind delivered.

Shepherd Yaw Morttey is currently an Entrepreneur-In-Training at MEST Africa..

Shepherd’s advice for young people?

Do what you love, listen to those you want to help and make them a part of whatever you do. Believe in yourself.

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