Car owners stranded at ashanti region dvla as they wait in long queues for 2018 number plates

Several hundreds of Car owners are stuck in long queues at the Ashanti regional office of the Driver and Vehicle Authority Licensing  (DVLA) in their bid to register their vehicles and get 2018 number plates.

Many of the stranded car owners say they have been there since dawn whiles others contend they submitted their documents a day before.

Many of the frustrated car owners say they are not sure what they are going to do if they do not get their vehicles registered considering the distances they have journeyed coupled with the fact that they have to go to work.

Despite the inconveniences they are encountering, authorities at the DVLA have warned car owners to stay away from middlemen.

Angry car owners however say they have no option than to use these middlemen because of the slow pace of work and favoritism being exhibited at the DVLA.

The vehicle owners say they wait in order to among others get a new number plate for 2018 despite having used the vehicles for sometime and especially to get a number that “stands out”.


This is not the first time such occurrences have taken place at the DVLA. It is now an annual occurrence for car owners who bought their cars in the last quarter of the previous year to rush to the premises at the beginning of every new year in order to get fresh number plates for the new year.

Despite attempts at improving service delivery and knowing very well the traffic at their offices at the beginning of every year, the DVLA seem not to be doing much to mitigate the situation. The complaints about activities there have not changed over the years despite touted computerization of processes there.

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