5 Things To Do With Your Partner If You Are Broke This Christmas

Christmas puts unnecessary stress on everyone, if you are broke it could even be hellish. It is the time of the year that cool kids can snatch your partner without even trying.

It is possible to be broke and keep your partner’s at Christmas, I know you think it is impossible but you can thank me later.

Apart from private beaches, the seashore shouldn’t cost anything more than your transportation fare to get there. If God doesn’t charge, why should men take money to grant access to the beach? Take your girl to Titanic Beach in Tema or any free beach near you and enjoy long romantic walks while looking into each other’s eyes

In Ghana, every household cooks their best meals at Christmas. It is only prudent that you take your girlfriend home to bond with your family over meals prepared with love. Why go to expensive restaurants and eat food prepared by strangers?

This is probably the most romantic way to spend Christmas with your partner. After eating dinner with your family, the next place is your room. You should have copied new episodes of her favorite series by now and added a few carefully selected movies of your own to create the right ambiance (wink).

Even non-chriff guys can score a few points at a watch-night service. Where else will you find good music (choirs sing their best at watch-night services) and fireworks for free? You can even steal a kiss in the midst of the frenzy while everyone is dancing and praying into the New Year.

Be creative and you will have a very memorable end of year without spending much.

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